The power of one word marketing

Have you ever noticed that some companies just seem too complicated to buy from? They throw these big marketing campaigns that end up not bringing in nearly as much business as a company that simply created a YouTube video and let it go viral. Rather than letting your company get mixed up in way too much complicated and fancy marketing, you can make a change. In fact, simplifying with just one word might be the biggest step you need to take to bring in a lot more business.


One word describes it all


Many other companies have had huge successes by owning just one word. For example, according to the Huffington Post, CNN is what most people think of when they think of “news.” When CNN became very popular, it brought to people exactly what they wanted, which was news. If you think of other news stations, such as ABC, you might think more about their late night TV shows. Another example of this is FedEx. They own the word “overnight.” That was the one, simple word the postal company used to build their brand and their name. Yes, they do other things, but overnight delivery is what they are known for.


Try just a letter


Some would even go so far as to just own a letter, though this might be a bold for a small business. Apple is well known not only for its brand but also for the lowercase letter “i”. If you ask someone what they think of with that letter, they will likely say Apple. There’s the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


Find a niche, and make it work


The problem is that many of the words are already taken, such as “search” for Google and “video” for YouTube. What you need to do is find a word in the market that isn’t already been taken and make it your own. If you can get people to start thinking of your company when they need something, then you’ll have many more referrals and much more success. Another great way to get referrals is to do pay per call. You pay bloggers when someone calls in requesting information about your product or service, and they are incentivized to refer you because of it. You don’t have to pay unless it’s a quality lead, but they know it’s well worth it to get more referrals. It’s the perfect way to get the word out, and it keeps things simple.


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